Jerry Barnhart Training Courses

Barnhart Performance

Jerry Barnhart provides innovative combat marksmanship training.  Utilizing the latest methodologies and his extensive experience, Jerry specifically tailors each training course to the needs of each class.  He works tirelessly to provide the latest most up-to-date training.

His experiences have allowed him to develop a database of drills and a scoring system that ranks each student into one of four categories:  pass, average, top 5%, or top 2%.  Each class is ranked on day one of training, and re-ranked at the completion of the course to benchmark performance improvements.

Recognizing that people have different shooting styles, Jerry Barnhart does not use a one size fits all methodology.  A person’s shooting style is impacted by their size, strength, the ways they kit up and many other factors.  Jerry helps them logically discover their best style and teaches a method which allows them to walk away from the course with a way to personally diagnose shooting errors, allowing people to improve on their own after completing the course.

Combat Marksmanship Training Courses:

  • Tactical Courses: short, medium and long range training
  • Low light and night training sessions, white light and other products
  • Rifle: M4 (5.56), 7.62 (gas operated)
  • Shotgun: manual and auto loaded
  • Handguns: everything from A-Z, overt or concealed carry

For more information on training designed for your group’s specific needs, available course dates and scheduling, pricing, etc. contact Barnhart Performance:

P.O. Box 426
Oxford, Michigan 48371
Phone: (248) 628-6557
Fax: (248) 628-6029