The Jerry Barnhart Difference

Having been a marksmanship and weapons handling instructor since 1987 has allowed me to develop the world class marksmanship and instructor skills necessary to greatly increase shooting and training capabilities for all shooters, from basic to advanced.


  •  IPSC U.S. National Champion, claimed this title ten times.
  • World class professional shooter since 1987.
  • The most sought after marksmanship instructor in the U.S. since 1989.


    • Member of the six time victorious U.S.P.S.A. Gold Team, representing the United States during IPSC World Shoot competitions.
    • Three time World Action Shooting Champion (Steel Challenge).
    • Two time World Action Shooting Champion (Steel Challenge Shoot Off).
    • One time American Handgunner World Shoot Off Champion.
    • Three time American Handgunner World Shoot Off Match Winner.
    • Seven time IPSC – F.I.P.T. Champion.
    • Two time Second Chance Champion.
    • One North American Champion Title.
    • Three time Masters Action Event Champion.
    • One Pistol Masters Title (Jeep Masters).
    • Only recipient of the Sportsmanship Award, awarded at the 1991 Steel Challenge.

(NOTE: This is just a portion of my shooting accomplishments, the list goes on.)

  • Amassed in excess of 20,000 hours of instructional experience.
  • Instrumental in the development of the Second Chance HMLP Jac ™ tactical body armor.
  • Instrumental in the development of the Bushnell HOLOSight system, for both tactical and competition use.
  • Key role in the development of the LR 300 Tactical 5.56 rifle, from Z-M Weapons.
  • Personally developed the most technical and comprehensive instructional shooting video series to date.


The majority of my classes are taught to organizations that put themselves in harms way to keep our country safe and free.  Their lives, as well as others, could ultimately depend on their capability to effectively use their marksmanship skills.  Listed below are some of the organizations that I’ve provided marksmanship training for:

  • Department of Defense (all branches of the military).
  • Law Enforcement Agencies all over the United States.