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–Presentation of Pistol to Target
–Calling Shots
–Target Acquisition
–Magazine Changes
–Live Fire Drills

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Product Description

Studio: 17:00 minutes Range: 88:20 minutes
Demonstrated from Barnhart’s high ready, may be applied to any starting position; i.e. the holster, table top, briefcase (demonstrated in volume III, Specialty draws), etc.
Presentation of pistol to target, sight picture and alignment, calling your shots.  Demonstrated at range with cameras and monitors so that you, the viewer, will see exactly what you should be seeing on presentation, sight alignment and sight picture, calling your shots, seeing sights lifting and recovering back on target. (Note: using iron sights.)

Calling your shots – range 18:20 minutes.  Demonstrates calling your shots on paper and steel targets. Demonstrates presentation of pistol to target with red dot sights, calling shots and multiple shots on one target. Multiple target engagements and target acquisition – what you should be seeing.  Note: done with iron and red dot sights. Can be adapted to handgun and rifle competition, self defense, law enforcement and military applications.

Target acquisitions drills – range 24:30 minutes.  Volume VI and VII have more on this subject.  Using steel targets demonstrates on range live fire drills for target acquisition; targets close together as well as large distances between targets.  Single and multiple shots on each target.  Demonstrated with red dot sight.

Magazine changes – studio 32:00 minutes.  Classroom inside studio on techniques needed to perform most advanced magazine change methods.  Applies not only to competition but also self defense, law enforcement and military situations.  Demonstrated with iron sights and red dot sights.  Also included are immediate action drills, if magazine does not drop out of pistol and how to handle that situation (the techniques shown for scoped pistol will apply to glock pistol on magazine changes).

Magazine changes – range 5:30 minutes.  Demonstrations with both iron and red dot sighted pistols.  (volume V & VI have more on dry fire and live fire drills for magazine changes.)