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–Guns Gear and Basic Equipment Alterations
–Pistol Tuning Comps/Ammo and Temp Chronos

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Studio – 68:50 minutes.  Discussion on eyeglasses, tints and when to use them in different shooting environments. Alterations to holster, belt and magazine pouches; how to set them up.  Iron sights and different colors of sights. Magazines and alterations to them.  Shoes for different applications.  Gun alterations on six different shooting disciplines that Barnhart has won: IPSC, Steel Challenge, Masters Action Event, World Shoot-off Championships, Second Chance, and IPSC Limited Stock Gun Championships.  Covers pistols, how they are put together; the manufacturer and gunsmith.
Tuning pistols: compensators, ammunition (loads) and temperature and chronograph.  Classroom lecture – studio 18:00 minutes.