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 –Kneeling Position
–Going Prone
–Going Prone/Live Fire Drills

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Studio – 14:00 minutes.  Classroom lecture and demonstration on proper technique and dry fire with use of timer. Demonstrates multiple methods of approaching this technique.
Kneeling position on the range 6:00 minutes.  Demonstration of proper techniques and improper techniques and the effect recoil has on both.
Prone in studio -10:50 minutes.  Dry fire and technique.  Starting at about 2.75 seconds and decreasing time to about 1.50 seconds; learn and dry fire with Barnhart.
Prone at the range -20:00 minutes.  Discusses more techniques and effects of recoil to the prone position proper technique versus improper technique.  Demonstrated with iron and red dot sights.  Engaging multiple targets prone.