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–Twelve Different Live Fire Drills

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Product Description

Range – 61:30 minutes.  DVD is designed so that viewer will see different approaches to some of the practice sessions Barnhart has at the range.  Describing each drill in detail so viewer can follow along; here are some of the drills you will see.  During this live fire tape, techniques will be discussed as they apply, also use of the timer and printer will be shown.  Times will be shown through so the viewer will know how long it should take for him (her) to perform each technique.  Note: shown with iron and red dot sights.  Volumes II, VII and X have more live fire drills.
-setting up in shooting boxes (forward movement)
-setting up in shooting boxes combined with shooting on the move
-lateral movement into a shooting box
-shooting box drills with multiple shooting positions
-shooting around props and barricades
-barricade drills
-off balance training for awkward stages
-multiple barricade drills
-discipline drill shooting
-how to shoot on the move and drills
Multiple target drills, range – 13:00 minutes.  Using all steel targets Barnhart will show you some of his multiple target drills and descriptions.  More multiple target drills are shown on Volumes II and VII.
-6 shot drills and the times you should try to achieve
-distances being shot between 10 to 15 yards
-from high ready to first shot and multiple shots on one target
-demonstrated with iron and red dot sights