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–Approaching Practice Sessions
–Moving Into and Out of Shooting Boxes
–Laser Training
–Appearing/Disappearing Targets

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Product Description

Studio – 19:00 minutes.  Classroom lecture on how to practice at the range; making the best use of your time, how to go about it properly.
Shooting boxes – studio 9:00 minutes.  Covers techniques necessary for forward movement into shooting box with use of split screen.
Moving into and out of shooting boxes – range 23:50 minutes.  Same as shooting boxes in studio but with more instruction on the range and how to apply it into shooting drills.  Shown by split screen and with iron and red dot sights.  Volume VI has more on lateral movement into shooting boxes and drills.
Laser training – studio 10:00 minutes.  Demonstrated with pistol and AR-15/carbine rifle.  A dry fire approach to shooting on the move.  This will enhance law enforcement and military as well as competition shooters approach to shooting on the move with minimum time and no rounds shot to learn the technique.
Appearing and disappearing targets – range 17:00 minutes.  Barnhart demonstrates his beliefs on how to shoot at moving targets; strategies and practice methods; use of timer and printer.