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–Physical Fitness/Diet/Match Nerves
–Thoughts Before a Match
–Breaking Down a Stage

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Product Description

Studio – 24:00 minutes.  Basic physical fitness and diet for shooting (Barnhart learned by trial and error), lecture in studio on these subjects.
Coping with match nerves – studio 27:00 minutes.  Lecture in studio.  Very comprehensive and simple way to approach a course of fire, or the overall match. Making a plan of attack.  Courses of fire shown during this segment.
Thoughts before a match and where to zero – range 3:50 minutes.  Your pistol, iron versus scopes.
Breaking down a stage – range 20:00 minutes.
-basic course of fire – how to shoot it
-time estimates – how long will it take to shoot it
-use of timer and printer
-importance of compiling a data bank of times of your given shooting ability
-how to win